The strict requirements that apply to quality inspections, cleanliness and hygiene in the production of food for humans also apply to the production of food for dogs. And we are very glad that this is so. We set very strict requirements across the entire production process, from raw material sourcing until our products are out in the shops. Vom og Hundemat has a very good working relationship with specialists at The Norwegian University of Life Sciences who have carried out a number of studies on hygienic and nutritional quality. We carry out our own in-house testing and analyses and are also regularly inspected by The Norwegian Food Safety Authority to ensure that we are doing everything in the way required. They are welcome to inspect us at any time.

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Raw materials

All the raw materials we use come from Norway. It has always been this way and it will never change. We have a close and good relationship with many Norwegian abattoirs, both on land and at sea, and set strict requirements upon our suppliers. Together we have developed good routines to ensure high quality of raw materials.


but have also developed with them very good procedures for ensuring the high quality of the raw materials we use.

Transport to Trøgstad

Raw materials are frozen at the abattoir and are transported directly to our production facility at Trøgstad. Chicken and salmon are collected on the day of slaughter from local production facilities and raw materials are transported straight into our freezer storage facility, where the temperature is maintained at -20°C.


Frozen raw materials are transported directly from our freezer storage to the different production lines, where they get thawed and taken samples of to ensure that they meet our high-quality standards. Afterwards, they get weighed to make certain they have the correct ratio and taste.

Our recipes are designed to provide for all the nutrients  your dog need. We place great emphasis on reasuring that energy is correctly divided between protein and fats, and that mineral and vitamin requirements are met.

Both raw materials and the finished products are carefully supervised by qualified personnel during production. All batches are registered and taken samples of to ensure traceability, and regularly sent for analysis to check chemical composition and bacteria.


The finished product is packed and then sent directly from the production line to the despatch freezer storage facility. The total time that it takes to produce the food, from frozen raw materials to finished product, is around 30 minutes.

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