The right dog food

What is “the best dog food on the market?”. This topic has been discussed for many years, and will most likely be discussed for many more years to come. Plenty of people, including ourselves, profess that they know the answer. However, we believe that you as the owner of your dog will be more suitable to determine that.

Dogs originate from wolves and are therefore carnivores, meaning that they eat meat. If your dog could choose for itself it would choose to eat easily digestible animal products just as its ancestors. Stomach, entrails and meat from prey are rich in essential nutrients directly from nature. It is the same natural nutrients you could find in our VOM-series. Research* shows that dogs would prefer and choose a diet with high content of fat and approximately a third of the energy deriving from protein.

* Geometric analysis of macronutrient selection in breeds of the domestic dog, Canis lupus familiaris. Adrian K. Hewson-Hughes 2012.

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A dog is a dog

A dog is a dog, no matter how big or small it is – or if it`s black or white. Even though humans have bred dogs to be quite divergent, they are all physiologically proven to be the same predator inside. You can find dog food specially designed for large dogs, small dogs, healthy and sick dogs, hunting dogs and family pets – but we challenge you to think if this is even necessary.

All dogs need and deserve a nutritional diet all year long. We believe that if you feed VOM every day you would give your dog all the nutritional basics it needs to live a long and healthy life – no matter if it is a hunting dog, family dog or show dog.

A dog’s natural needs for nutrients

Evolution has evolved dogs to be carnivores just as their ancestors. They hunt prey and eat meat. Both dogs and wolves have physiologically been adapted to a diet based on animal fat and protein. Carbohydrates are not included or only to a small extent.

A dog’s digestive system is like any other carnivore animal and have evolved to utilize animal products. Dogs have a relatively large stomach that can go long periods of time between each prey. In addition, their digestive system is simple, short and adapted to animal feed with high energy content.

Dogs have both large canine teeth and sharp molars intended to kill, cut larger meat into smaller pieces and crush bones. Something they do not have is amylase in their salvia. Amylase is an enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates into smaller molecules before it enters the small intestine, and allows an early start of carbohydrate breakdown. Animals adapted to a vegetarian diet have developed amylase in their salvia.

Absorption of nutrients happens through the intestinal wall of the small intestine. The large intestine is short and has very low levels of fermentation activity, but microflora will absorb excess nutrients. The degree of fibre breakdown is low.

Dogs use fat as their main energy source and are also adapted to a protein rich diet. However, most of the food you can find on the market today is based on grains, wich is very rich in carbohydrates both as starches and fibre. Traditional dog food often contains moderate amount of fat, as well as sources of vegetables and animal protein wich often are highly processed.

VOM is very rich in protein and fat originating from animal raw materials and do not contain sources of vegetables.

Fat is good!

A dog of normal weight and condition has 50 times more calories stored as fat than carbohydrates. Fat is the predominant fuel source for dogs, and therefore crucial for their performance capacity. Fat contains more calories than carbohydrates. However, carbohydrates that are not directly used as energy in the body gets stored as fat. A diet rich with starch gives more unstable blood sugar and a lower sensation of being full. Experience shows that dogs do not become overweight from being fed raw dog food.

Right protein - right building blocks

Animal cells have a different composition than plant cells. A protein source that derives from animal cells have a more identical amino acid composition in regard to your dog’s needs. They can synthesize many amino acids themselves, but some of them are essential and must be represented in the diet. Amino acids are the builing blocks of our body and included in skin, hair, muscles, organs, hormones, enzymes and blood.

Feeding tips for overweight and underweight dogs

Our recommendation for those who are trying to increase their dog’s weight is basically to give it food that contains more energy, since it most likely requires more than you have predicted. It can also be very beneficial to divide the daily portion into several different meals. Too much food at once can give a poorer absorption and for a dog that needs to gain weight every nutrient is crucial.



Frequently asked questions

Raw food must not be confused with wet foods.

Raw dog food is freshly made by raw materials whereas wet food is cooked and processed. Unfortunately, many og the nutrients gets lost in the cooking process of wet dog food. Grains are also very often added, which makes the food relatively rich with starch. VOM is freshly produced, based on animal products and frozen immediately after production to maintain the high nutritional content in the food.

All our products can easily be used as supplementary dog food, but several products can also be used as complete dog food. You can mix VOM with dry food in the ratios you believe is right for your dog. We suggest that you give both dry food and raw food together if you want to mix them, rather than one meal with dry food for breakfast and one meal with raw food in the evening.

If you want to switch from dry food to VOM we recommend you to gradually introduce the change. Most dogs handle this adjustment perfectly, but others need time to adapt. Begin with a soft introduction and mix small amounts of raw food into the dog’s current dry food.

Read more about each mix here

There are no feeding charts on any of our products. This is simply because it is impossible to design a table, since every dog is different. Energy requirements vary not only with breed, but also with age, gender, level of activity, stress, season etc. Studies done on resting metabolic rate on humans show that one person can have an energy requirement that is twice as high as another person, even though all other conditions are similar.

It is therefore very important to adjust the amount of food after your dog’s weight and activity level and try out the amount of food you believe is right. Your dogs enery requirement is not constant. Dogs should be kept slim and you should be able to easily feel their ribs.

We recommend you to feed your dog more than once a day. It can be very beneficial to divide the daily portion into at least two seperate meals, because too much food at once can give a poorer nutrient absorption.

The most common form of urinary calculi/bladder stones are Struvit (80%). Magnesium form crystals that migrates down the urinary tract and into the bladder where they can grow bigger and become large. Bladder stones are very painful and can result in serious complications if the bladder is fully blocked and no longer can be emptied. Struvite can only be formed in pH 6,6 or higher. They will dissolve if the urine is more acidic. The pH of carnivore urine is typically around 6, and Struvite do not form even if the diet includes a high amount of magnesium. No additional magnesium is added to any of the products from VOM.

Many people wonder whether it is necessary to add additives to the VOM series, to make sure that their dog gets all the nutrients it needs. The most common additives asked about are oil, vitamins and minerals. The VOM series is rich in fatty acids and the essential omega-3 (salmon) and omega-6 (chicken) fatty acids. We recommended that you add omega-3 additives to mixes that do not contain salmon. Adding a marine omega-3 oil will ensure that your dog receives the amounts of the important DHA and EPA fatty acids that it needs. Adding 5ml per 20 kg dog weight per day is sufficient. If you feed your dog a mix that contains salmon, then it is not necessary to add oil. It is also not necessary to add vegetable oils.

A premix is added to all mixes of Vom og Hundemat that ensures that your dog’s daily requirement of minerals and vitamins is met in all phases of its life. Meat (particularly liver) and bone are, furthermore, rich in most of the minerals and vitamins that the body cannot produce itself. Correct levels of calcium and phosphor are particularly important. We therefore analyse and balance Vom og Hundmat to make sure that our foods provide the correct levels of these minerals and vitamins.

Research shows that there is no causal link between raised levels of vitamins and minerals in a diet and better health. There are therefore no grounds to add additives to our foods.

When you mix dry food with VOM the total fat content becomes higher, carbohydrate levels gets lower and the protein quality increases.

You can safely mix dry food with VOM. We recommend you to gradually introduce the change  and mix in the ratios you believe is right for your dog.

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