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TASTE is a series of products made from either one specific animal or one type of offal. The products are well suited to be used as supplementary food, as variety or as an ingredient in your own raw dog food. All of the products in this series include vitamin and mineral premix and can be used as complete dog food in periods, for example in an elimination diet to investigate allergies. The series include 5 products: 100% Chicken, 100% Lamb, 100% Beef, 100% Beef tripe and 100% Duck.

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TASTE Chicken has been a part of our selection for many years. Chicken is one of the raw materials that are most suited to be used in complete dog food, as it contains high levels of essential amino acids. Chicken is also soft in odour and a very delicate product.

VOM Taste kylling
Protein15 %
Fat18 %
Carbohydrates0 %
Dry substance37-38 %
Ashes5 %
Calcium1 %
Phosphor0,6 %
ME*2200 kcal/kg
ME* from fat73 %
ME* from protein27 %

TASTE Lamb consists of mixed offal and meat cuttings from lamb and lamb tripe. This product is great in taste and a sure winner for your dog.

VOM Taste Lam
Protein14 %
Fat15 %
Carbohydrates0 %
Dry substance24-26 %
Ashes3 %
Calcium0,7 %
Phosphor0,4 %
ME*1900 kcal/kg
ME* from fat71 %
ME* from protein29 %

This product consists only of raw materials from cattle. Lungs, throat, liver, kidney, rumen and meat/fat cut-offs are used.

VOM Taste storfe
Protein15 %
Fat19 %
Carbohydrates0 %
Dry substance35-39 %
Ashes3 %
Calcium0,7 %
Phosphor0,4 %
ME*2300 kcal/kg
ME* from fat74 %
ME* from protein26 %

This product consist only rumen from cattle. Taste beef tripe has been widely used as a supplementary food for dogs and is well suited to being combined with dry food. Taste beef tripe has a stronger smell and has a grey-brown colour. Dogs love it!

VOM Taste storfevom
Protein14 %
Fat16 %
Carbohydrates0 %
Dry substance27-30 %
Ashes3 %
Calcium0,7 %
Phosphor0,4 %
ME*2000 kcal/kg
ME* from fat72 %
ME* from protein28 %

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