VOM Puppy

– The natural start of a long dog life

Nature has right from the very first bite of solid food adapted puppies to eat a diet based on meat. Wolf puppies lick their mothers` mouth when she regurgitates her last prey for them, and dogs do the same. The puppies can finally get their first taste of solid food that are not their mothers milk.

Vom og Hundemat has developed a special formula for puppies, made from chiken, beef tripe, salmon, egg and beef liver.
This blend provides the puppy with the correct supply of essenstial nutrients and particularly takes into account the puppy’s need for protein and energy.


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Bones and cartilage from chicken are an essential part of all our complete diets. They are nutritionally very important in a raw diet and contribute as a natural source of calcium and phosphorus.

Both adult dogs and puppies have a digestive system that can break down and digest raw animal products, such as meat and bones. The raw materials are also grinded down to make the feed as easily digestible as possible, while at the same time considering the feed’s structural needs.

When introducing very small puppies for solid foods, we recommend mixing the food together with water to create a soup texture. For the smallest puppies, you can also blend the mixture even more in a mix master/blender. We do notrecommend removing the bones or cartilage before serving, as this in turn will affect the balanced content of calcium and phosphorus that is balanced for in the feed.


VOM Puppy can be given alone or in combination with other wet or dry foods. You can start feeding VOM Puppy from 3-4 weeks of age, up until your dog is fully grown at approximately 1 year.

Correct amount

Energy requirement varies greatly with breed, environment, stress, level of activity, season, etc. It is therefore important to find the daily amount of food that fits your puppy individually. The amount must be adjusted and there is no definite answer, some puppies need more food and others need less.


Make sure that your puppy is eating correctly! It should eat when it gets offered food, and be in good condition without becoming overweight. If your puppy is resisting to eat do not fall into the trap by offering something else. Take the food away instead and wait until next meal before bringing another bowl of food to it.

VOM has developed a unique mix for puppies. It consists of chicken, beef tripe, salmon, egg and beef liver. VOM Puppy ensures great sources of every nutrient your puppy needs, and is specifically designed to meet their protein and energy requirement for growth.

VOM Puppy

Protein15 %
Fat16 %
Carbohydrates0 %
Dry substance33-35 %
Ashes5 %
Calcium0,9 %
Phosphor0,6 %
ME*2050 kcal/kg
ME* fra fett71 %
ME* fra protein29 %

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