VOM Digestive

VOM Digestive consists of chicken, beef tripe, rice and sugar beet fibre* and is the only product we have that contains carbohydrates. The rice gets boiled for a long time to make it more easily metabolized, but carbohydrates gives the product a lower energy density and absorptivity. Even though VOM Digestive contains some carbohydrates it is mainly based on raw materials from meat cuttings. The low-calorie content and fibre makes it suitable for dogs with lower activity levels and/or dogs with constipation problems. VOM Digestive can be used as both supplementary dog food and complete dog food.

* Sugar beet fibre is what is left of the sugar beet after the sugar has been extracted. Sugar beet fibre gives moderate fermentation in the large intestine, limited to number of health promoting bacteria in the intestine. Sugar beet fibre is dried, ground and then added to the food.

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VOM Digestive
Protein12 %
Fat12 %
Carbohydrates6 %
Dry substance32-34 %
Ashes5 %
Calcium0,9 %
Phosphor0,6 %
ME*1750 kcal/kg
ME* from fat61,5 %
ME* from protein27 %
ME* from carbohydrates11,5 %

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