VOM is a series of Norwegian produced raw dog food. One of our main fundamental values is to use only Norwegian raw materials from approved and controlled abattoirs for human food production. Norway has strict regulations with respect to animal health and welfare, and our livestock is therefore healtier and carry little disease compared to other countries. That ensures a safe process and secure products for you as a consumer.

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The VOM series

VOM is developed in cooperation with nutrition experts from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Despite that, our recipes were found in nature and not in the laboratory. It resulted in us forming a series of natural raw dog food based on chicken, offal from cattle and pigs, beef tripe salmon, duck, turkey and lamb. Apart from rice, which is added in our Taste-Digestive product, none of the raw materials we use are imported from other countries.


VOM serien - Active


VOM og hundemat Taste


VOM serien digestive


VOM Puppy


VOM serien organic kalkun

NYHET! Organic serien er en serie produkter som består av 100% økologisk råvarer fra utvalgte norske produsenter.

Practical use

Our products are not heat treated and they do not contain any preservatives. Shelf life is limited and they must therefore be stored frozen. The products shall not be boiled or fried!

VOM is supplied in practical bags (560g) with meatballs that makes it easy for you to portion out the correct amount of food straight into the food bowl. You can put the rest of the food back into the freezer in its original bag and give your dog the meatballs either frozen or thawed.

The same products are available in 500g sausages. They should be thawed in a refrigerator, where they have a shelf life of 2-3 days. If you need to thaw the meat quickly you can easily place the sausages with packaging in cold water.

It is important to ensure good hygiene when feeding your dog VOM. Do not leave the products out in room temperature for a longer period of time or let it touch other food products. Wash your hands, work tools and bowls – and do not leave remnant to remain in your dog`s food bowl.

Other products

Blood powder

Our blood powder consists of dried blood. It contains 90% protein and 3 g/kg of iron. It is high in palatability and available in packages of 500g.